TM HK45 GBB TDC outer barrel assembly kit

Hadron Airsoft Designs

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Hadron Airsoft Designs TM HK45 TDC

Allows external adjustment of the TM HK45 Hop up. The Hadron Airsoft Designs TM HK45 TDC is supplied with a matching nub, to optimise the bucking deformation.

With good quality rubber, BBs of 0.3g to 0.5g can be used.

NOTE :- M16 CW external threaded fitment as TM HK45 standard

We took the expertise and knowledge from the design and manufacture of the Mk23, G18, G17 TDC series, and applied this to the TM HK45. This gave numerous engineering challenges. After 18 months of testing and changes, development and feedback. We have another game changer.


  • Remove slide, remove existing outer barrel assembly.
  • Set aside the screw and metal clamp.
  • Open hop unit barrel assembly, and remove the hop arm.
  • Re-assemble the hopup and barrel with a quality bucking, Snipermechanics Flamingo has been tested with impressive results. Stock, TNT or ML Crazy jet barrels work exceptionally well in the setup.
  • Insert the silver metal barrel part into the TDC outer, and insert the barrel/hop assembly partly into the outer barrel.
  • Place the nub into the hop window, and check the deformation with your finger. Observe the deformation of the patch.
  • Push the barrel/hop assembly with the nub the remaining distance into the outer barrel.
  • Secure the assembly with the screw in the bottom of the hop unit/clamp.
  • Rebuild, and  when refitting the upper to the lower, and check slide to TDC grub clearance.