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Allows adjustment of the Mk23 Hop up, externally, without loosing the slide movement feature. Fits in 2 minutes. Highly Effective.

M-TDC is the new design from Hadron Designs, and allows in this form, two possible locations of hop pressure application by clicking out the dual adaptor, and rotating 180 degrees.

The M-TDC is a modular design, so, by changing the plates (click out), then clicking in the single screw plate (separate item, not included), the M-TDC chassis can utilise single screw pressure advantages.

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    Better than single screw

    Posted by Eddie on 30th Dec 2019

    It was recommended that I use the single screw model. However, after examining the design I liked the idea of being able to adjust my hopup on 4 axis. the twin screw allows for up and down and side to side adjustments. using this model allows to tweak from side to side accomodating adjustments for bb curve left or right at distance. Great product!!

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    Twin screw

    Posted by David on 11th Nov 2019

    Has really help out adjusting hopup For better Accuracy and range

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    TDC twin screw

    Posted by Domingos Cunha on 24th Oct 2019

    The twin screw giver more control over the hop-up bucking pressure but it isn't very practical. Adjusting 2 screws while in game wastes precious time. Maybe a hybrid with a single screw but actuating a bigger area

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    Mk23 Socom NBB M-TDC Cover TM, STI, ASG - TWIN SCREW

    Posted by Andrea on 21st Sep 2019

    This Hop Up adjuster is amazing, and the double screw allows a better and precise set up of the exiting BBs, furthermore is really easy to install by following the guide on the site (even better would be a video for the mounting)

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    Seat cover

    Posted by Sandmantgesniper on 7th Jun 2019

    The twin screw work great floating .46 bbs 70yards easy !!!!

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    Tdc twin screw

    Posted by Mark Stanley on 25th Apr 2019

    Very easy to install the new design works great Combined with maple leaf crazy jet 180mm barrel 50 degree hopup and the h key I can push .40 bb’s 190’