Hadron Airsoft Designs Mk23 Saviour magazine catch installation



Tools:- Small hammer 2mm to 3mm Pin punch (blunt screwdriver, or allen key could suffice) Small flat blade screwdriver Lubricating oil (as required)

Instructions:- Ensure no BB are in the pistol, or magazine

Remove the magazine from the pistol

Use a 2mm to 3mm pin punch to tap out the existing catch pivot pin, and set aside

Remove the existing catch and spring. Store these safely.

Unpack the new Hadron Airsoft Designs "Saviour" magazine system Check there is a LEFT and RIGHT catch (mirror images), and 2 x springs.

Place the LEFT and RIGHT catches with the spring holes facing upwards, and the pivot pin holes aligned

Insert one spring into each upward facing hole (1 in each) If required, add some lubrication to the pivot pin holes, and between the two Saviour catches.

Insert one catch at a time, into the Mk23 lower release lever cavity, taking care not to damage the springs.


Insert both levers and springs together as one unit.

In both methods, the springs may need to be pushed into location with a small flat blade screwdriver, or feeler gauge.

Check the alignment of the Saviour catches with the Mk23 pivot pin hole, and insert the pin carefully.


Check the operation of the catches. Each one should move smoothly, and return to original position.

Check both Saviour catches action, as the magazine is pushed home.

Insert a magazine to test action (no BB to be used during testing)

Check both Saviour catches have to be pressed to release a magazine.

Check activating 1 catch only does not release a magazine, then repeat with the other magazine.

Tests complete.