CNC H-plate

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New product, the Hadron Airsoft Designs CNC H plate,

The well known Hadron parts are an asset to your airsoft gun.

The widely used and super popular plate and key are now also made of CNC aluminium.

These keys can be used in a wide range of airsoft pistols. check out the description for compatibility.


The Hadron Airsoft Designs H plate, designed to fit under the hop arm of the G17/G18 (excl. WE),  Mk23. ASG, STTI, and TM

Works best with Flamingo or Maple Leaf Auto bot bucking.


The H plate increases the pressure on the hop rubber, using a custom designed concave pattern on the underside.

The H plate sits in a self centralised position. Check the build guide sections for fitting instructions. ( Hop Arm NOT INCLUDED )

Best suited to an UN BRIDGED barrel.


Finished in black anodising, with laser engraving, the attention to detail and tolerance is perfect.





See the new Hadron Airsoft H-Arm here:- Mk23 SSX23 NBB Hadron Designs H-Arm