Hadron Designs CNC FANG plate V2

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Hadron Airsoft Designs "Fang" V2

Revised profile for the latest buckings on the market.

  • Enhanced upper edge profiling and chamfering to provide better fitment in various platforms
  • Orange in colour, to identify the variant.
  • CNC machined aluminium
  • Very popular in the AAP-01, and G17/G18 with the bigger hop window.

Designed to fit under the hop arm of the G17/G18 (excl. WE) and Mk23. (ASG, STTI, TM).

Suitable for Flamingo or Maple Auto bot alternatives.

AAP USERS - Very popular in the AAP-01 with the flamingo bucking, on stock hop setup. Bear in mind, you may have to file the inside area of the AAP HOP ARM or shape slight internal faces of the Fang plate due to hop arm tolerances. The majority of cases, the Fang plate pushes in with light pressue, but please ensure it sits flat in the arm before use.

This plate increases the pressure on the hop rubber, using a custom designed full length concave pattern on the underside. 

The FANG plate sits in a self centralised position, like the H plate.

Best suited to an UN BRIDGED barrel.